2012 – a Knitting Year in Review

Although my last few posts have been about my spinning, I’ve also worked on a lot of knitting projects. I always find it interesting to go back and look at what I’ve knit over the past year, because every year brings about a radical change in the kinds of projects, fibers and techniques that I work with.

Although I was really busy with school in 2012, I also diversified my knitting.

The tl;dr list of things I did in 2012:

  • Two-handed stranded colour work
  • Shaping for sweaters
  • Cabling without a cable needle
  • Participated in my first KAL
  • Knit my first shawl
  • First patterned socks
  • Test Knitting

In the Spring, I decided to learn how to knit with one colour in each hand. I’ve always held my yarn with my left, and could never get my brain around holding the yarn with my right until I had one strand in each hand. It just sort of clicked. I still have issues with throwing the yarn when I only have one strand, but I can work two-handed colour work fairly easily! This was my first of many colour work hats over the course of the year, from the Three Tam pattern on Knitty.com.

IMG_0039 IMG_0038

Although I cast-on in December of 2011, I also knit my first shaped sweater in the Spring of 2012. It’s the most loved sweater in my closet, and the start of what I hope to be an annual tradition of making sweaters for my birthday.


I also learned to cable without a cable needle. I started learning on the Brambles Tam, again from Knitty. The lesson was really reinforced later in the year when I participated in my first KAL with the Think 1 Geek 2 podcast. We knit the Watson Socks, which has lots of small cables and made it worth learning fast so I didn’t have to fiddle with a cable needle. These were I think my first pair of patterned socks that I actually finished, even though they took me ages!IMG_0230IMG_0232

Around the same time, I also made the Vancover Fog Wrist Warmers for my brother, which were also heavy cabled. It was one of the examples this year of the gauge gods hating me. They are knit in the same yarn, on the same needles and yet they are more than an inch different in length.IMG_0794

I decided in the Winter that it was time to make my first triangular shawl. My Grandmother had brought me yarn when she came back from Australia many years aog that was 100% Alpaca and not entirely my colour. I decided to make a simple shawl out of it, and now it’s one of my go-to winter scarves so I don’t freeze my face off.


I also knit my first pairs of pattern socks. I’d knit plain stocking stich socks before, but this year I really got to expand on that and make pretty patterned socks with pretty yarn. I think I’m going to talk more about them in another post though, so no photos of them yet.

I also got to test knit for Kate Atherley’s accessory book, which I also don’t have photos of, but was a really fun experience.

In conclusion: 2012 was a great year for my knitting, and I hope that 2013 continues to be as awesome!


2 thoughts on “2012 – a Knitting Year in Review

  1. Just found your blog looking for a sweater pattern. I LOVE that sweater!!! Would you be able to let me know the pattern for it? Would love to try and make one for myself!

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